Leigh (17 June 2011)

Ive just listened to JESUS IS LORD RADIO. The sermon called   The Rapture is tied to the Jewish Culture. Dr Owuor is so serious about the Jewish Wedding that I hope ALL the Doves will make the time to listen to it. He says the 8 days prior to Rosh Hashannah are kept for repenting which  means that the bride of Kenya has now made herself ready and its now the Day of Atonement where EVERY DAY she's looking at her wedding gown, making sure she is clothed with pure and holy white linen until her groom comes.  Not even her parents know the day and the hour, but she partook in a cup of wine with her bridegroom which is the blood covenant before He has left to prepare a place for her, HALLELUJAH!!!  GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY GOD!!!!  Now shes waiting for the blasting of the shofar which can be anytime:  LISTEN:   Listen!!!!!  During the DAYS OF ATONEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!  Anytime now. Fellow watchers, be of good cheer, the Bridegroom is on HIS WAY.  The shofar can blow ANY MINUTE NOW WHILE WE ARE PREPARING for the wedding  and then with the shout of the Archangel        ?????????   wait for it:  Its the ANNOUNCING OF THE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!  GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  TO THE MOST HIGH JEHOVAH!!!!!!!!!!!   We'll be with ALL OUR BELOVED BROTHERS AND SISTERS and with the MOST PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT !!!!  Being wih GOD and JESUS!!!   Dr Owuor says no strange fire anymore, the HOLY FIRE IS THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD WHO CLEANSES US WHILE WE ARE WAITING!!!!   We will be in the HOLY OF HOLIES with our precious Bridegroom who picked us from the foundation of the earth.  May the peace of HIM WHO IS COMING  be with all of you and that He may purify all of us. My sister called me last week from South Africa and when I told her about all my worries she said to me: FORGET ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE ARE DOING WRONG, TAKE YOUR BIBLE AND START PREACHING TO THE ONES WHO ARE WILLING TO LISTEN. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Love. Leigh Australia