Kristen (20 June 2011)
"100 Trumpet Blasts"

Dear Five Doves, I was doing some calculator date checking and I came up with a very interesting assumption. The Feast of trumpets is Sept 28-30 of 2011...well I decided to subtract 100 days or possibly 1 trumpet blast per day from the last date of the Feast of Trumpets Sept 30 (or the latest possible blast/date) and you end up on June 22, 2011. The crazy part is on the 7,7,7,9 posting on five doves

the 3rd Seven lands directly on the date of June 22, 2011. Well are we going to see even crazier things or maybe I should say Prophetic things begin to happen on that day and continue to increase up to the final blast of the trumpet 100 days later to the final blast which is the Feast Of Trumpets (Sept. 30, 2011). Bride Keep Watching!

Thanks and God Bless

Come Lord Jesus
Welcome to the Doves, Kristen!