KML (14 June 2011)
"RE: B G Ellis " Mark Biltz Rapture on Trimpets ""

Dear Brother Ellis and Doves

Two years ago I too believed the Rapture would be on Trumpets.
I was praying and so very ready as we all are. I went out and watched the moon as I have made a habit of doing almost daily., as it is evening that is the beginning of God's day.
On that eve of Trumpets 2009, I was looking up into the sky. It was clear and beautiful.
I could see all the stars. No clouds anywhere EXCEPT 3 and they spelled out the word "SIN" only it was written backward like this "NIS" as though it were written from above. The waxing cresent moon was above the word.
I was amazed, and thanked God for the message.
SIN is still being delt with not only by the spreading of the gospel to the unsaved, but to christians also. The fullness of the gentiles must come in.
God told us "in the last days I will poor out My Spirit" I believe He is.
One thing that I have felt about TRUMPETS is that it is for His SECOND coming.
TRUMPETS.....the angels sounds. RAPTURE.....God's voice is like that of a trumpet. It is His voice we will hear that [sounds like a trumpet] as John tells us in Rev 4:1
TRUMPETS is when Jesus comes in His glory.
The RAPTURE is when Jesus comes in the clouds and receives us up with Him.
Only the saints / believers will hear and see.
At TRUMPETS the whole world will see and hear.
The Fall Feasts are for the children of Israel.
The RAPTURE is for the church. Just like in the case of the Jewish wedding when the groom usually came around about 11:00 at Night.
The Bride knew the groom was coming, but she knew not what day and she knew not the exact hour he would come. It was her responcibility to be ready when ever she heard the shout, " BEHOLD THE BRIDE GROMM COMES ".
Be Blessed my brother