Jim Goodrick (4 June 2011)
"China selling off her US bonds for US businesses, property ?"

John and Doves,

China --  who once had invested billions into America to "buy" her debt --  has now un-invested, or "divested " herself of 97% of those treasury bonds ( holdings ) .

Either our government has to buy back those bonds ( unlikely ) ,
or other countries could buy them ....
 OR ... China can exchange the value of those bonds for business contracts and property instead .
( A highly likely proposition. )

In Him,
Jim Goodrick  

China sells off 97 % of her US treasury bonds

Why China sold her holdings in US bonds ... to liquidate and get cash

China poised to build high speed rail in California ... "et cetera, et cetera, et cetera" -- ( from King and I )
 "Currently, eight other nations besides China have agreements with California’s High-Speed Rail Authority to provide information with each hoping for its future business. It is too early to know which countries will be chosen as partners, however China is well positioned to make a strong bid with its enormous cash reserves and technological expertise.

According to Usha Haley, a professor of international business at Massey University and expert on China’s global business interests, “China is cash-flush, and its highly subsidized industries are bankrolled with surplus government funds.” Haley was fairly certain that China would obtain the contract, since “they’re investing in infrastructure around the world … and if they’re bidding in an open-bid process, China will get that bid.”

Deuteronomy 28: 49 -- 52 and Isaiah 1:7