Jim Goodrick (4 June 2011)
"EU High Rep and diplomatic corp,  and the UN"

John and Doves,

We know from the Book of Daniel ( chapters 2 and 7 ) that the 10 toes and 10 horns represent the Western EU nations ( as perceived by most Bible researchers).

We also know that the EU is on the rise, particularly at the UN. On May 3, 2011 the EU was given partial membership in the General Assembly...something they never had before.

On June 1, 2011, they were given "quasi-membership" at the UN Assembly. As far as I can discern, what that means is that they have full membership without voting privileges. And we all can see what is coming... the next step in this gradual process is to give them the ability to vote.

I don't think that will happen until Ms. Ashton is no longer the European Minister of Foreign Affairs . When they put into that position a person of great political clout and prestige ...  someone who can speak with "one voice" for the EU, then * that * person -- and the EU -- will have global power.

The new EMFA, European Minister of Foreign Affairs  -- or High Representative as sometimes called -- is comparable to, let's suppose, the main body of an octopus. He will head the far-reaching tentacles of an Octopus through his "diplomatic" corp known as the EEAS... the European External Affairs Service.

Currently, the EEAS is being granted more and more powers as is evidenced by the following article :

" The Assembly approved a Resolution granting the EU most of the rights reserved for full members (i.e. states). It now :
1. has the right to speak,
2. make proposals
3. and submit amendments,
4. raise points of order,
5. and circulate documents.

The outcome of the vote has also been welcomed by decision-makers and commentators as a breakthrough for effective external action in the multilateral context of the General Assembly. Crucially, it is assumed that increased coordination between its member states will enable the EU to play a more important role in global affairs. Put differently: speaking with a single EU voice will improve the effectiveness of its external action.

Assuming EU unity will automatically lead to effective external action is far from unproblematic. "

As we see it, the EEAS will make sure the EU directives are followed around the world

In Him,
Jim Goodrick