Jim Goodrick (17 June 2011)
"Dr.Van Impe, TBN and the TRINITY"

John and Doves,

There's a news story going round at this time telling of Dr. Jack Van Impe separating from TBN, the most watched Christian network on TV. He is removing himself because of differences over "Chrislam" ( Moslems uniting with Christians for a "common faith " ).

We feel that it is true that TBN is altering its' message to accommodate "Chrislam".

For instance, in the beginning, TBN used to stand for "Trinity Broadcasting Network".

Now they refer to TBN as meaning "Touching Billions Now".  Wow --  Drastic change !

What is the difference ? The difference is the Trinity .. the Triune God ---  the Oneness of God in three Persons ... the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are three separate and distinct Persons, yet they are One because they are God Almighty.

Neither the Orthodox Jews, nor the Muslims ... nor any other major "faith" such as Buddhists, Hindus, Shintos, Mormons and of course atheists do not believe that Jesus is God, nor do they believe in the Holy Spirit as the third Person of the Trinity, equally Divine.

What is separating us from "them" is the Triune Godhead, the Trinity.

Where in the Bible does it show that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one ? In John 7: 37--39; and John 20: 22.

Where in the Scriptures does it say that Jesus and the Father are one ? In John 10: 30.

Those are foundational truths underlying all of Christianity, and it makes all the difference in the world.
It separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls, and the truth from error.

Jesus --fully God and fully man-- suffered a tortuous death for our sakes. We cannot trifle with that blood and make it of no account in order to accommodate "billions".

God is not interested in "billions". Please see Gideon's army in Judges Chapter 7. In that chapter God removed two-thirds of the army and left Gideon with only 1/3 of the men for battle, because God was looking for quality instead of quantity.

In Him,
Jim Goodrick