Jim Goodrick (17 June 2011)
"Egypt wants to cancel Camp David Peace Accords ( Bruce W. )"

John and Doves,

1. Egypt wants to cancel Camp David Peace Accords of March 1979

"The Egyptian al-Karama party, whose leader plans to run in the upcoming presidential elections, has said the cancellation of the Camp David Accords is its top priority, according to a report by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm on Thursday. "

"Al-Karama party representative Amin Iskander said the party wishes to cancel the agreement "immediately because it’s not in Egypt’s interest.”

2. Mohamed Bassiouni ( former Egyptian envoy ) wants to maintain the CD Peace Accords

"The man who served as Egypt’s ambassador to Israel for over a decade was reported as saying Thursday [ June 16, 2011 ]  that the peace treaty between the two countries has brought untold benefits to both Egyptians and Israelis and must under no circumstances be annulled"

Daniel 9: 27
3. * Someone * must come along and reaffirm the peace for Egypt and Israel ... and as Bruce Warner pointed out, it may be confirmed among the many at the UN summit meeting in September. Let's all keep watching.

In Him,
Jim Goodrick