Jim Goodrick (13 June 2011)
"Israel and Germany partner for drones"

John and Doves,

Israel and Germany ( strange partners ) have combined to develop the Heron 1 multi-operational drone.

The IAI ( the Israeli Aerospace Industry, founded by Adolf Schwimmer ) and the German Bundeswehr ( German Armed Forces, war department ; "Federal Defence Force  ) have perfected 3 types of drones that are currently being used in Afghanistan. The three drones are the "Heron 1" , the "KZO" and the Harop .
The German manufacturing company, Rheinmetall, helps to produce these unmanned aircraft.

These drones fly above the commercial air routes, and can stay aloft for more than 36 hours. They are operational around the world 24-7, and in all kinds of climates and weather. They are not limited to intelligence gathering, but also can attack targets, and are "network enabled".

Excerpts from the article:
"One of the most trusted names in the German defence industry, Rheinmetall also cooperates with national and international partners such as IAI in the field of drone technology. This enables the Group to supply the world's armed forces quickly and economically with complete systems for network-enabled operations, force protection, reconnaissance and engagement."

"Rheinmetall partner IAI [ Israeli Aerospace Intelligence  ] supplies the system, the Heron 1, which is already operated by other allied nations in Afghanistan. This unmanned asset is a medium-altitude long endurance (MALE) aircraft that can operate around the clock, around the world in almost all weathers.

"In order to operate the system for the German Air Force according to contract and to assure round-the-clock support services, Rheinmetall made some 40 qualified aircraft mechanics and pilots available, arranging for them to be trained - together with German Air Force personnel assigned to the mission - at IAI in Israel to operate and maintain the new system. The Heron systems also had to be built and transported to Afghanistan during this period

To a large extent, the system will be modified and produced in Germany, meaning that it will make a major contribution to national know-how in this field. "


Like the Heron 1, the KZO has added significantly to the Bundeswehr' intelligence-gathering and reconnaissance capabilities. The tactical commander on the ground has a reconnaissance asset at his disposal that is ready for action 24/7 and can be used, for example, for watching over convoys or searching for explosive devices concealed on patrol routes.



Germany was severely limited in having an army following W W 2, however in 1990 that was changed. They now have a standing army of 360,000 serving in the following countries:

German International Forces:
1. KFOR ( UN ) Kosovo >  Serbia - Albania

2. UNIFIL ( UN ) Cyprus > Lebanon 
"This is about guaranteeing Israel's right to exist in secure borders.
Secondly, it's about building a viable Palestinian state;
and thirdly, it's about stabilizing the state of Lebanon," Stinner said

3. Horn of Africa -- East Africa
Atalanta - Indian Ocean

"The terrorist threat off the Horn of Africa still exists, but Guttenberg argues that Europe's Atalanta anti-piracy mission can still be used for that purpose, if the need arises.
Atalanta involves 250 German troops, mostly on board the frigate "Schleswig Holstein", and a sophisticated surveillance aircraft that patrols the region, taking high-resolution pictures.

Comment:  Note that the UNIFIL mission and the Atalanta mission ( Horn of Africa ) are near-by to Israel.
Luke 21: 20 .. Jerusalem compassed with armies.

4. Afghanistan - http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=64261  

Source: http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,5723973,00.html