Jim Bramlett (6 June 2011)
"Very, very important!"

Dear friends:

This morning I received a rare telephone call.  It was from a minister friend in another state who has not called me in years.  He was not even sure of my current telephone number, but called a number he had from several hears ago.  I have moved twice since then.  It was a miracle I was able to get this same number after moving away and back again four years later.  He had no way of knowing that.  I believe his calling me today, and finding me, was one of God's miracles that supports the supernatural message he called to tell me.

He called to tell me about a cousin of his who he described as a very Godly and totally trustworthy and steady man, a man who would never fabricate anything.  The cousin spends much time in prayer and in seeking the Lord.

The cousin was driving in his car the other day when all of a sudden he heard the clear voice of the Lord.  He knew it was the Lord because the incident was so unusual and the voice was so clear and authoritative.  The voice said only four words:

"The last day approacheth!"

We believe the King James English was due to the fact that his cousin spends all his time in the King James Bible, and God speaks to us where we are.  I have seen many examples of that in the past.

Let me translate for you:

"The last day approaches!"

My friend said this has had a life-changing effect on his cousin.  He has been beside himself, unlike him.

There are several things about this that confirm to me that this was God's voice:

1.  It was extremely brief and succinct.  I believe when God speaks, He uses very few words.  These so-called prophecies that go on and on, paragraph after paragraph, do not bear witness to me.  They are mostly out of the human spirit -- not all bad. but not all God.  Another example is African prophet Dr. David Owuor, who says the Lord told him, "Time is up.  Get ready now!"  Brief and powerful.

In all of creation and in all of history, God gave us only one book, and only a small portion of that book is given for the New Covenant and the life of Christ on the earth.  He is a person of few words.  But they are words of power and of life.

2.  The message agrees with other prophetic words we have recently received, such as Dr. Owuor above, and Bible interpretations of many Bible students and scholars.

Folks, the evidence is overwhelming that this old age is quickly coming to a close, the Lord Jesus is coming soon to snatch His faithful ones away to Paradise, then deal with His nation Israel in the final years, fulfilling the prophecies.

If you do not have saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, pray and ask Him into your heart today.  Do not proceed into the coming days and weeks without that peaceful assurance.  You do not want to be on the earth during the coming Tribulation period, which will be hell on earth.  Trust in Christ today!

If anything is keeping you from complete trust in Christ, and your relation with Him, dump it now.  I said now!  The eternal loss will not be worth it.

Here is a sample and suggested prayer:
"Dear Lord Jesus.  I believe you are the Son of God.  I believe that you died on the cross for my sins.  I  believe that you rose from the dead.  Now I ask you into my heart to be my Lord and Savior.  I receive you now.  Thank you for forgiving my sins and being my Lord.  Help me to be what you want me to be.  Amen."
If you have never done so, prayer that prayer today.  I said today!

And keep looking up.  Jesus is coming! 


"The last day approaches!"
 "Time is up.  Get ready now!"