Jennie (9 June 2011)
"RE: Alan Clark"

Please give me scripture for Pentecost to ALWAYS BE ON A SUNDAY?  I was under the impression that when  the Barley was Riped that is when everything starts in counting?   One more question also?  If Jesus rose on the Third Day, then how did he die on Friday and rose on Sunday?
Friday nightfall to Saturday nightfall  =  Day 1
Saturday nightfall to Sunday nightfall = Day 2
Sunday nightfall to Monday nightfall  = Day 3
So, from what I can see here is that Jesus Rose on the 3 day which is Monday, not Sunday.
I think it's a misinterpretation to ASUME  that Pentecost is on Sunday.  Also,  the Jewish people observe the Sabbath on Friday nightfall to Saturday nightfall.   Only the Gentiles observe the Sabbath on Sunday.  We have to follow the Jewish ways not the Gentiles ways.  YSIC Jennie