Jennie (13 June 2011)

God was gracious to give me an AWESOME VISION ON GENTILE PENTECOST MORNING.  First let me tell you that I had posted back in January about a VISION of seeing all these women dressed in long white gowns running past me.  I asked them where they were going and they said they were going to the WEDDING!!!  I said what wedding and then it hit me that it was the WEDDING OF THE LAMB.   Now back to my AWESOME VISION ON PENTECOST MORNING,  I was in a MASSIVE CATHOLIC STYLE CHURCH.  My husband and I had a MEETING UP STAIRS for something, I can't recall.  (Note of humor is that on Pentecost the Disciples were in the UPPER ROOM when the Holy Spirit came on them.)  Ok, now I noticed a Wedding going on downstairs, and I looked and ONLY SEEN THE BRIDE.  There was NO GROOM.  A little while later the BRIDE started walking around the aisles and then up the stairs to where I was.  It was like she was parading herself to everyone letting them know she has been married.  No matter where I was, the BRIDE SEEMED TO BE RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  After a while, I started wondering what was the significant of the BRIDE.  I felt like God was saying, "  LOOK AT THE BRIDE!"  Then all of a sudden I heard a SOFT VOICE WHISPER  MY NAME  (JEN)  and when I looked over my shoulder, I could feel a presence, but no one was physically there.  Then I heard, " LOOK UP!!!"  I looked up and I woke up.   Let me tell you why this VISION is sooooo important right now for us?
My first vision was GOING TO A WEDDING
My second vision was BEING AT THE WEDDING
Folks, we are about to go home.  God hasn't given me a vision since January 2011, and I prayed for him to show me more?  After a couple of months of praying, I assume he had nothing more to show.  WELL GUESS WHAT???  YES!!  HE NOT ONLY SHOWED ME A VISION, BUT ON PENTECOST!!!!.  What an AWESOME GOD!!!!!     Please, I beg all of you to make sure you are right,  HE IS COMING!!!!!!!!!   YSIC  Jennie