Jean Stepnoski (10 June 2011)
"The Moon on 6-11-2011"

Dear Doves,
      This month the moon was new in its dark phase around 6-1. On 6-8 it was 50% dark and 50% light. The increase per day of this waxing gibbeous moon is about 7% increase of light per 24 hour day. There is a moon chart of this month at On  6-9 it will be about 62% light. The following percentages are estimations. Add 7% to get 69% light on 6-10. It will be going to 76% to 77% light on 6-11. The number 7 is symbolic of completion and 77 is like an underscoring of completion. Might we have 7 years of tribulation ahead of the 70th Week of Daniel ahead? Also, some believe we are at year 43 away from the Jubilee year at 7 years away. As Israel goes to the midnight hour beginning 6-12, the moon may be 7/10% light and 77% light as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. I find this too interesting to be coincidence. The moon will be about 85% full on 6-12, 92% on 6-13, and basically full from 6-14 to 15 to 16. Going to Summer Solstice, the moonlight is decreasing, seen North of the equator.
      The second of the two choices for Pentecost, according to the Sadducees, will be 6-11 to 12. The moon will begin that Scriptural Day at sundown for Israel when the moonlight will be about 77%. Will this be a sign in the sun, moon, and stars? Subtract 33% from 100% to get 77%. The number 33 and 33% is very significant in the world of the occult, like in the Masonic Lodge. A number of important events and places have been connected to the 33rd parallel. From 6-12, the Summer Solstice and the birthday of Prince William will be 6-20, 8 days away. Is 8 an important number in the occult?  During that period the moon will be going from full light toward darkness, into waning gibbeous phase, as seen North of the equator from places like Israel, the U.S.A., England, and the rest of Europe. Might the Lord be using all these details for the unfolding of His purposes? Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,