Janet Pfeifer (4 June 2011)




First off:  Using Jesus' words that we will not know neither the day  nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh is taking His words out of context for He said "WATCH therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh" (Mat 2513, Mk 13:32 & 33).   Why would one be commissioned to watch if one could not know?   Also it does not take into consideration Amos' revelation "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets."  We may not be considered a prophet, but in Christ Jesus we are and Paul admonishes us to have that mind set. Phil 2:5, I Cor 1:30, Cor 1:27.  All the big boys of scripture had a fore knowledge of events about to happen in their day:  Noah (Gen 7:4) Abraham & Sara (Gen 18:13) Lot (Gen 19:15) Joseph (Heb 11:22) Moses (Ex 11:1)  Elijah (II Kings 2:1-5).  The New Testament is full of happenings the Holy Spirit informed believers of TRUTH to come.

Concerning the Rapture:

       Through Mark Biltz I found the definition of the "Last Trump" as being part of the Feast of Rosh Hashanah.  This ties the snatching away, Rapture or even the second Exodus (Jer 16:14)if you would, to 1 Corinthians 15:52 "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump..." . 

       Solomon tells us "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done:  and there is no new thing under the sun.".  With that information Exodus 10:22 comes to mind "And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven; and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days:"  I do not know about you but I have never read of three days of darkness on the earth, not even when Jesus died.  But now we have the possibility of that event happening again via The Jet Propulsion Lab and NASA via their web site


One might ask, why was it that Moses did not record the cause of the three days of darkness?   How could he do so?  All the information he had, other than God, was his eyes.  If we can not see that which is in our solar system now with sophisticated satellite telescopes.   How could he then with just his eyes?  God did not choose to reveal how He caused the three days of darkness.  Nor did He reveal how He  brought about all the plagues or the death of the first born, except by and angel of death.

We would have no knowledge of an foreign object in our solar system but for the WISE telescope (Google same or www.scroogle.com it without the negative impact).  This telescope identifies objects little above absolute zero.  One can rationalize away it's information and deny it.  But, as my good friend says "Eat the hay and leave the stubble."  Works for me!

Darkness is also associated with the Day of the Lord. (Joel 1:15, 2:1-2, Amos 5:18,20, Obadiah 15, Zeph 1:,8,10,14,18).   For the world, it is not good, but to the believer it is victory!    (Zeph 1:7 Zec 14:1). "The Day of the Lord" is a day of judgment.  There was a time I thought of judgment as a negative.  But after going to court, I have come to realize judgment is not 100% negative or positive.  Judgment is negative for the looser and positive for the winner.  We by the blood of Jesus are winners!!!  Hallelujah!!! 

Well, NASA identifies the 3 days of darkness the 26th through the 29th of September this year.   This darkness being caused by what they are calling Elenin, an object larger than Jupiter that will come between our sun and the earth at that time.  Being this object will then be above the solar system' plane our southern hemisphere will not be that affected by this event so they will still have sunlight.  Perhaps this may be how we will have a blood moon because that is a factor mentioned in Rev 6:12 & 14 in the sixth seal identifying the Day of the Lord. 

The Feast of Rosh Hashanah 2011 is scheduled for sundown the 28th of September 2011 to sundown the 30th of September 2011 Jerusalem time.  Now, Rosh Hashanah is a feast that follows the new moon or the absence of any evidence of the moon shinning at that time of the month.  If I were a betting person I would surely be tempted to put money on the Rapture happening on Rosh Hashanah 2011; but it is not a slam dunk.  However, that is not the most important thing in my mind, for I have not had a quickening of my spirit (a knowing that I know that I know). However, I believe the Holy Spirit will quicken my spirit to know that I know with some heads up like He gave



Noah, Moses and Elijah etc., should there be something to all this evidence.

But, when I really think of it.  Why is it essential that I have a fore knowledge of the time of this event?  Noah needed to know when to enter the ark.  Moses needed to know when to begin the trek out of Egypt and Elijah needed to go to a certain place.  God has my permission, for my attitude 24/7 is "Beam me up Lord Jesus"  my trust is in You.  I am in Your hands!

Maybe what Jesus meant with "Watch" is stay awed, excited and expect me 24/7.  Practicing my presence in your walk and worship; with a rejoicing heart and an environment created identical to that event signaled by the last trump.  We are ready! 

Even so, Come, Lord Jesus!!!

Janet Pfeifer



Incidentally some names and idioms for Rosh Ha Shanah:


Head of the year

Day of the Awakening Blast

Day of Judgment

Coronation of the Messiah

Day of Remembrance

The time of Jacob's trouble

The opening of the gates.

The resurection of the dead

The last trump

The hidden day

The Wedding ceremony