James Foo (6 June 2011)
"More information on " Left behind series""

Dear John and Doves

This is in response to Nicole (4 June 2011) - "Left Behind Books -
Great Timelines"


I wish to add more information ( long and sweet) -

Remember >>> In 1910 William Seymour prophesied that in 100 years
there would be an outpouring of God's Spirit and His Shekinah Glory
that will be greater and more far reaching than what was experienced
at Azusa.
100 years is well over ,and Dr. Owuor, Prophet from Kenya , have
correctly said " Rapture is anytime". Rapture is very imminent!!

Now here is a Link ( By Ken Peters - I saw Tribulation) from :
http://www.888c.com/yKP818.htm ( Extracted below )
< Which highlighted the great revival which William Seymour mentioned
about below >
Please read ....

This great outpouring of God’s Spirit was tremendous and very
widespread. Whole nations were being brought into the Kingdom of God.
It only lasted a very short time. I was not clearly shown the
time-frame, possibly six months. Then gross darkness once again began
engulfing the minds of all who would not hear the message of hope. [
^ Events surrounding this prophecy.]

And now, who is the Bad guy ( AC) ?? - from Ken Peter mentioned - he
is a young and handsome man ....
And from the "Visions Beyond the Veil " by H.A. Baker also profile the AC as a
"... Handsome , strong man in the beauty and strength of young
manhood.- Chapter "The End of This Age and the Return of Christ"

So Obama is NOT AC.

I think this AC is much less than 30years old . This "Left behind
Books" is truly prophetic!

Make our way straight for Our Lord and Savior who is our Bride Groom.
( and grace is what we are now living in )