Harvey Troyer (10 June 2011)
"Moving into Gentile Pentecost—God’s Final Drama Continues for His Elect—Be Ready—This is a “Must Read for Everyone”!"

June 10, 2011


Dear John Tng and all Faithful Doves



Subj: Moving into Gentile Pentecost—God’s Final Drama Continues for His Elect—Be Ready—This is a “Must Read for Everyone”!


Please click on the following URL LINKS and read these articles on RFTH Forum.  Make sure that you read the entire threads.  We may have finally arrived at the day of the Rapture/SD, Sivan 8th, 5771, which is “the hinge” to Gentile Pentecost.  That is to say that Sivan 8 ends at Sunset in Jerusalem, Israel on Friday, June 10.  This is an exact “trigger point” tying together Jewish Pentecost (see my post on June 8th—please note the titles got crisscrossed on the board); and, Gentile Pentecost, which is celebrated June 11/12, 2011.


[Please notice that "Sivan 8" starts at Sunset in Israel today June 9th and lasts through Sunset in Israel tomorrow, June 10, 2011. 

Now look carefully at the following two (2) facts concerning “that exact point in time”—one concerning the JEWS and the other concerning THE CHURCH.  I'm talking about Sunset tomorrow Friday, June 10, 2011, which is the ending of "SIVAN 8TH" in Jerusalem, Israel.  I am also linking this to Charity’s dream.  The 8th of Sivan is the “hinge day” to Charity’s dream.  Please read on.


1)  This exact time starts the JEWISH SABBATH on SIVAN 9TH; the next  day being Saturday June 11th, 2011.


2)  This time also "technically" by God's counting of days, starts June 11th, which is the day for "THE EVE OF PENTECOST" in 2011 for the Church (the Church will celebrate Pentecost Sunday, June 12, 2011).




First I analyzed Jewish Pentecost with Charity’s dream and nothing has happened yet.  Now I am analyzing Jewish Pentecost with Gentile Pentecost in relation to Charity's Dream as “the hinge” between these two events.  Folks  this is truly Amazing.






Hallelujah and Maranatha! (Come Quickly Lord Jesus!)


Harvey Troyer (YBIC)

Emmaus Road Ministries