Gerry Almond (9 June 2011)

To all Doves and those who realize this….From June 8, 2011……

There remains ONLY 308 days until the abomination that makes delolate will make his declaration to be authoritative “as God”.  

How do I know this?  Read on:

I have posted at least 4 times and possibly 6 times the corollary between Noah’s days and the days of modern Israel.  Here it is again, for refreshing and to justify the statement that only 308 days remain during which time, at some time, the rapture of the believers that are ready will occur.

Matthew is the gospel to the JEWS, presenting Jesus to them as THEIR KING.  It is the only gospel presented SOLELY to them for their understanding of the end of days.  However, it can be used by US for our instruction IN the end of days as well.  

First of all, the “end of days” is not the end of the world.  It is properly the end of the AGE.  The Greek word used in the King James Bible is aion, translated “world” but means “age”.  What age?  The Age of Grace, of course.  Jesus told the early Jews who were His followers in Matthew 28:20, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world (gr. Aion = age)”.  The Age of Grace is ending with the rapture of the Church after which, the Law will take over again and the Holy Spirit will “fall” upon whomever He pleases, but will not be universally present as He is today.  Thus, mankind will only be able to respond to the Holy Spirit at He deals individually with them at His pleasure.  This was true during King David’s time, when he pleaded with God to “take not thy Holy Spirit from me”.  (Psalm 51:11).  

The rapture is the next major event, evidently simultaneous with great and sudden destruction.  Here, let me point out the idea that was posted just yesterday by Fay titled “Marches on Israel” in which she pointed out that the armies marching on Israel might be, not military, but the hordes seeking to penetrate the borders.  These were paid to do it, according to Fox News, $1,000 each, and $5,000 if wounded.  Israel is in a lot of trouble right now.  And Jerusalem is the main target.   

We, who are ready, are greatly anticipating the rapture event, of course.  It is uppermost in our minds and is met with scoffing and derision to those with whom we share our blessed hope.  This scoffing is here for the second time, the first being when, on September 12, 1988, the rapture did not occur per Edgar Whisenant, the author of “88 Reasons Why the Rapture will be in 1988”.  His book woke up the whole Christian would to the rapture.  But, of course, people scoffed their heads off when it did not occur as predictded, and are doing it again because of Harold Camping’s failed prediction of May 21, 2011.  Even so, in both cases, God has used it to AWAKEN folks to the fact that there WILL BE the rapture of His Bride.  So, don’t give up…He is coming, and very soon.

Matthew 24 tells the Jewish people (and us) that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man”.  We believe the coming is for His Bride, they of course do not.  In Noah’s days the earth was in a 360 days per year rotation cycle of perfection,  Going back to Genesis 7, we find 120 years given to Noah to build an ark “for the saving of his household”.  120 years times 360 days per year equals 43,200 days total.

The sign of Noah in terms of time can be laid over the modern times of Israel as it now exists in the land of their forefathers.  Reborn physically May 14, 1948, Israel has been there for 63 years and a few days at this writing.  But Israel’s (re)birth did not begin in 1948.  It actually started on August 31, 1897, the LAST day of the FIRST Jewish gathering since 70 A. D. at Basel, Switzerland, when a document was signed with the British government allowing Jews the right to return to Palestine, then under rule of the Ottoman Empire.  A few Arab nomads roamed the land, but it was mostly a useless piece of real estate.  In exchange for British permission and future support, Theodor Herzel, the father of modern Jewry agreed to help the British in their war with the Ottomans.  This agreement was incorporated into the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations which was to come later in 1945, and backed by both Europe and Britain.  Britain won the war and vanquished the Ottomans.  It can be said here, that Palestine was now open for the hardy souls so inclined to go there and like early American explorers, a few did.

Incidentally, and just as a side note, American author Samuel Clements, a. k. a. Mark Twain, after a visit to Palestine about that time, noted that it was a land so delolate, it was not fit even for the mosquitoes.

The next event of great import was WW 1.  After the war, the next great event was the entrance into the Holy Land by British General Edmund Allenby on December 9, 1917, at the close of WW 1.  He even proceeded to Jerusalem arriving there December 11, 1917.  Thus, it can be said that WW 1 produced the wholesale opening of Palestine for a serious Jewish presence there.

The next major event occurred in 1922, when the League of Nations gave the British Empire control of Palestine.  This opened the land further and Jews began to “go home”.  They, of course, found some Jews there and a desolate land, but a few hardy souls stuck it out and began to make the land blossom, whereas the nomadic Arabs did not care at all about it.  

The next major event was the awful war of 1938 when Nazi Germany began to persecute the Jews, taking them as chattel and shipping them off to concentration camps.  A short time later, the Nazi tanks rolled over Austria, Chechoslavakia, and Poland.  WW 2 was on and in December, 1941, the United States finally entered it on behalf of Britain and France.  After this great war, American General Dwight D. Eisenhower, later to be President of the U. S., discovered in 1945, the furnaces of Auschwitsh, Treblinka, Dachau, Ravensbruck, etc. wherein 6,000,000 Jews and others had been burned to ashes in what was called the “final solution” to the Jewish problem.  As a result of this absolute HORROR, the newly formed United Nations, primarily at the insistence of the United States and England, gave birth IN ONE DAY, to the modern state (nation) of Israel.  As already said, the date was May 14, 1948.  

The next major event was the six days war of June 1967 during which Israel liberated the HOLY CITY OF JERUSALEM.  It became a Jewish city again after many centuries.  Because of their proclamation that would FOREVER be the capital of the Jewish nation, it immediately became a “cup of trembling” to all the world.

The next major event was the 1973 Yom Kippur war which took the Golan Hts away from the Syrians, and Israel annexed it in order to stop Syrian shelling of northern Israel from those heights.  This secured the Sea of Galilee and the cities around it.  

Since then, there have several attempts at peace in the middle east.  But Islam is going to have none of that.  They are determined to drive Israel into the Mediterranean Sea.  Their goal, finally, is the total destruction of Israel, which would then be the completion of Nazi Germany’s “final solution”.

The next major event was the collapse of the world’s economic systems.  Massive debt caused the system to “fold up” when the real estate bubble burst world-wide.  The date was September 28, 2008.  This, I believe, is the direct fulfillment of James chapter 5.  “Go to, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you”.   It also said “ye have heaped treasures together for the LAST DAYS.”  Get it?  It is a last days prophecy by the Apostle James nearly 2,000 years ago.

The next major event was the election of Barack Hussein Obama as President of the great United State, Israel’s ONLY ally.  The election was only 35 days after the big economic bust.  This man has, as of now, rejected the U. S. support of Israel and has turned her over for destruction by her enemies. He has driven the U. S. into bankruptcy in his effort to destroy capitalism and make the U. S. socialist.  The U. S. Congress does not agree with President Obama yet, but prophecy makes it clear that Israel will be abandoned by all.  And as of now, she has.  Ah, that great phrase, “But God”.  God will then fight for Israel, as He did in the days of battle of old.  Michael, the archangel, will fight for Israel against her enemies.  That’s Bible and it will be fulfilled soon.

Now, back to the sign of Noah and those 120 years.

Pastor Mark Biltz and others have identified tetrads of eclipses that bracketed the time October 29/30, 2008 through September 23/24, 2015 as a 2,520 day period which is equal to the time set forth by Daniel’s prophecy, backed by John’s Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  The middle point of that time period is April 11/12, 2012, the date on which antichrist will be proclaiming himself to be  “God”, which is the ultimate blasphemy.  This count of days makes the Israeli experience look like this:

8/31/1897………………………….43, 125 days…………………………9/23/2015.

The midpoint-----------------------------!-----------------------------------------9/23/2015
                            1,260 days                                  1,260 days

This is exactly 75 fewer days than the days used by Noah in building the ark.  So, to find the difference, we turn to Daniel chapter 12.  In this chapter, Daniel is being told by God’s messenger the archangel Michael, to “shut up the book and seal it to the time of the end.  Many will run to and fro and knowledge will be increased”.  Daniel was not fully satisfied with this instruction and inquired further of the archangel.  He was informed that there would be 75 days MORE added to the end point until the first day of the great kingdom age of 360,000 days (360 days x 1,000 years = 360,000 days).  After the Kingdom Age, then would be eternity.  Add the 75 days and this is the time line.

8/31/1897…………43,175 days plus 75 days…………………….43,200 days

In Noah’s time line it was:

Day 1………………………….43,200 days………………… Rains and great Flood.


I have always believed in the pre-tribulation rapture position and I still do.  I think that the rapture will be any time now and will NOT go up to 2012 at all.  That makes it pre-tribulation BUT NOT pre-70th week.  It also reconciles the pre-tribulational with mid-tribulational postitions.  Both position were right, it appears.  Look up, and lift up your heads!   Our redemption draweth nigh!



Gerry Almond