Gerry Almond (26 June 2011)

Bro Lyle:

Thanks for your kind post in reference to my post concerning the lateness of the hour.  It is very insightful on your part.

What I have said is based entirely on the coincidence? that the days it took Noah to prepare the Titanic sized ark to save his household, is EXACTLY the same count of days given MODERN Israel to save its household in the days of the coming of the Son of God in glory.  Noah's salvation was the ark, their salvation is the new Kingdom Age.  Much talk has been given on the matter of Israel being God's time clock.  I believe that she is.  And this is the proof.

Since it is so exact, it can really NOT be coincidental!  Having realized this, there remains no other conclusion IF YOU ACCEPT THAT THESE DAYS APPLY.  I certainly do.

As you know, the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy divides into 2 concurrent periods of 1,260 each. In the direct middle, the man of sin, the antichrist, proclaims himself to be god.  This date must be 4/11/12/2012 IF THE COUNTS ABOVE ARE TRUE. 

The second 1,260 days is called the GREAT TRIBULATION AND ALSO THE WRATH OF GOD ALMIGHTY.  This is the time of dark clouds, gloominess, destruction on a wide scale, subjugation of mankind, etc.  There never has been a time before like it, nor will there ever be again.

I will not be caught in the trap of being dogmatic about anything, but it seems so right to me.


January 21, 2011




By:  Gerry Almond



The gospel of Matthew was written to present Jesus as the KING OF THE JEWS.

The gospel of Mark was written to present Jesus as the humble SERVANT

The gospel of Luke was written to present Jesus as the human SON OF MAN

The gospel of John was written to present Jesus as the divine SON OF GOD.


Bible prophecy buffs know and need to keep in mind the truth that Matthew’s gospel contains the “sign of Noah” as relates to the nation Israel, when handling the Word of God as it applies to prophecy and their understanding thereof.  In the Gospel of Matthew, which was addressed to the Jews, Jesus is seen warning them in chapter 24 that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of coming of the Son of Man”.  While meditating on this verse, it occurred to me that it might be advantageous to take a look at the 120 years of warning of coming world destruction as it might apply to MODERN ISRAEL TODAY.  The world at the time of Noah was still in its pristine condition with a 360 day perfect year rotation causing the almost perfect climate conditions of creation week.  Therefore, 120 years in his day was 120 x 360 = 43,200 days.  Applying this to the current times, would the end of 43,200 days from some start point give us the climax of the Jewish experience with the return of their King Jesus to them?  IN 2015 HAS THEIR KING NOT ONLY COME BUT HAS HE MOVED THEM INTO THE KINGDOM??


I researched and found the following:


The first Zionist Congress was held on 8/29-31/1897 at Basle, Switzerland.  Theodor Herzel, a Jew, and considered the founder of modern Israel, wrote on 9/3/1897 of that event saying that, “In Basle, I have FOUNDED THE JEWISH STATE”.  This founding occurred the last day of the first Jewish Congress in 1,817 year, which last day was 8/31/1897.  Herzel later obtained an appointment with Ottoman Empire ruler Sultan Abdul Haniel, in which he offered to buy up the Turkish national debt in exchange for Jewish rights in “the promised land” of Palestine.  He didn’t have the money to do so, of course, but felt “led” to make the offer just the same.  Nothing immediately came of the offer.  The Congress met each year after that up until about 1925. 


On 11/2/1917, British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour, in a letter to Lionel Walter Rothschild, a British Jewry leader, promised in his declaration, the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine (that would not disturb non-Jews living there).  In exchange, the Jews were to SUPPORT Britain’s World War I efforts against the Ottoman Empire.  The declaration was incorporated into the newly formed LEAGUE OF NATIONS, backed by both greater Europe and the British Empire.


On December 9, 1917, General Edmund Allenby of Great Britain crossed the Jordan river bridge into Palestine, which would later, in 1948 be called Israel.  He went on to enter Jerusalem December 11, 1917.


In 1922, League of Nations recognized a mandate giving the British control and oversight of Palestine.


A few years later, circa 1935 or so, the third Reich of Nazi Germany orchestrated the events that would lead to World War 2.  Hitler’s final solution for the Jews during that war was extermination by whatever means available.  His utter defeat came in April, 1945.  In that same year, on the Black Fast, August 6th, the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan (a German ally) effectively ending the second world war, except for mop up in Asia which later became the Korean conflict and later on, because of its sheer size, the Korean war.


At the same time as the end of World War 2, UFO’s began to appear in earnest on July 9, 1947 with the notable UFO crash in Roswell, N. Mexico.  Literally thousands and thousands of sightings have since been recorded.  It is noteworthy that these sighting intensified with the ongoing existence of NEWLY FORMED ISRAEL.


The first glimmer of Israel’s (re)birth came immediately these UFO’s on November 29, 1947 with a recommendation for a homeland for the survivors of the holocaust plagued Jews of WW II.  This became a world cause of the newly established United Nations and it paved the way for the UNITED NATIONS, successor of the defunct League of Nations, to (re)birth the modern State of Israel on May 14, 1948.  This fulfilled Bible prophecy which declared it a miracle that a nation could be born in one day.  The chief supporter and vocal backer of this resolution was the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by way of its President, Harry S. Truman.


THUS CAME ABOUT THE MIRACULOUS (RE)BIRTH OF THE MODERN STATE OF ISRAEL, while called a State, we all know her as the nation.


Now, remember that God had instructed Noah to prepare an ark the size of RMS TITANIC for the saving of his household.  He had 120 years in which to do the job until destruction of his civilization and world.  Using this TIME ELEMENT in application to modern Israel, the 120 years works out like this:


From 8/31/1897 through 12/9/1917 there are       7,406 days-First Cong to Allenby

From 12/10/1917 through 11/29/1947 there are  10,948 days-First U. N. resolution

From 11/30/1947 through 5/14/1948 there are         166 days-(Re)birth of Israel

From 5/15/1948 through 6/6/1967 there are          6,965 days-Jerusalem (re)claimed

From 6/7/1967 through 11/25/1973 there are        2,316 days-Yom Kippur war

From 11/25/1973 through 4/12/2012 there are   14,064 days-Midpoint of 70th week

From 4/13/2012 through 09/25/2015 there are     1,260 days-Day of great tribulation

From 9/23/2015 through 12/7/2015 there are            75 days-Extended days (Dan 12)


Grand Total                                                           43,200 days-(120 yrs x 360 days)


Now consider the work of Seattle Pastor Mark Biltz which identified tetrads of lunar and solar eclipses indicating the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy will occur between the dates of 10/29/30/2008 and will end on 09/23/2015.  These eclipses, all falling on Jewish Feast days mark out a 7 year period of 2,520 days which match perfectly the Bible count in both Daniel and Revelation.  On top of that, the angel in Daniel chapter 12 extended the 2,520 days period of Daniel’s 70th week by 75 days additionally making the total time 2,595 days, consisting of 1,260 in the first half, (commonly called the “tribulation” and 1,260 in the second half, known as the GREAT TRIBULATION OR ALSO THE WRATH OF GOD ALMIGHTY, and 30 days and 45 days additionally for setting up the Kingdom.  AND FROM 8/31/1897 THERE ARE 43,200 DAYS EXACTLY UNTIL 12/7/2015. This date is the end of the whole age matter for Israel AND THEREFORE FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD.  It is way beyond mere coincidence that it works out this way.




Thus, when Jesus said “as it was in the days of Noah” He was referring to ISRAEL.  This means that Matthew chapters 24 and 25 was addressed, not to the Church, but to Israel in the last days.  Since this is fact, there are only 1,632 days remaining after the date of this date of 6/19/2011.  (I first discovered this on 1/27/2011). This means that there must be the rapture and sudden destruction within the next  297 days at the very latest since the center of the 2,520 period calculates to be 4/11/12/2012.  Thus, on 4/12/2012, the MAN OF SIN will proclaim himself to be God, while in Jerusalem, in the temple area or the temple itself.  From there 1,260 days arrives at 9/23/2015 and 75 more days is 12/7/2015. 


It all fits like a hand in a glove with the findings of the tetrads of eclipses signifying the timing of 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy for Israel.  The 30 minutes of silence in heaven when the antichrist made his speech to millions October 29/30, 2008 started the final 2,595 days.  The only question for the Church is where in the remaining 297 days of the first half of this tribulation period do we go home?  I think that ANY day now is an excellent candidate for the event.  IT IS THEREFORE IMPORTANT THAT WE ARE NOT ONLY READY, BUT THAT WE STAY THAT WAY.



      Now                  Abomination                          End 70th week                Last day                 


I am satisfied that this is proof positive that we are 963 days into the first half of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy normally called the tribulation days of the first half and are approaching the second half, the GREAT tribulation.  It also verifies the signs in the heavens as being accurate in their value to us, to show us the lateness of the hour.  It also verifies the work of Ron Reese who identified October 29/30, 2008 as the beginning of the time with Obama’s covenant with millions.   I personally am convinced that this is the verification of what we prophecy watchers have all been looking for.


Even so, come Lord Jesus!


Gerry Almond