Gerry Almond (26 June 2011)

Dear Sister in Christ:

Your response to my post is very insightful and I agree that what you wrote could all be so.  I appreciate your knowledge as I have read most of the posts you have made over the years.

What I have written is based almost entirely on the extreme coincidence (which means it is not a coincidence at all), that the days of modern Israel from (re)gathering until the Kingdom correlate EXACTLY with the same count of days used in the preparation of the Titanic sized ark of Noah.

Just how the days work out within the time, I cannot say with certainty and you make an excellent point in your kind reply explaining the 2,300 days shortened time.  I only know that we are both "in the ballpark" timewise so to speak and I am trying to get Christians to wake up to the absolute nearness of the time.

I agree with Richard Wills, Ron Reese, Harvey Troyer, and many others that the proclamation of godlikeness by the man of sin is 4/11/12/2012.  We have only 296 days left for us, in which time must occur the rapture of the TRUE CHURCH.  I do not know what day that will occur, only it is very near now.  And I just had this old song go through my mind....Oh, Lord, I want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in.

YBIC looking to see you in the air.

Gerry Almond