Gail (3 June 2011)
"Calling for 'Peace and Safety' from the UN @ around the time of Shavuot 2011?  An Exit Strategy in the works for believers?"

Israel warns Syria, Lebanon ahead of 'Naksa Day' 06/02/11
Government says will use all means to prevent attack on sovereignty in face of Palestinian plans to march on borders on Six Day War anniversary Sunday. Lebanese paper reports rallies could be canceled.

Israel issued a harsh warning to Syria and Lebanon ahead of 'Naksa Day' - the 44th anniversary of the Six Day War. "We shall use all means to prevent an attack on our sovereignty. You will be held accountable," the message said.

Israel is raising its alert level ahead of Sunday's events, which may involve marches on Israel's borders similar to those held on Nakba Day.

 The Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Akhbar newspaper reported that Sunday's events may be canceled in light of enormous pressure on Hezbollah and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF)which may hurt their ability to secure the marches.


The newspaper reported that organizers of the 'Naksa Day' decided not to voice "partisan slogans" and will rally around the Palestinian flag instead on Sunday. They are also making logistical arrangements including the allocation of 500 buses to transport the refugees.  

"There is great pressure on Hezbollah," a Palestinian official told the paper. "Hezbollah is in an awkward situation with its Palestinian allies. It wants to send them to the border, but the explosion last week (involving the Italian peacekeeping forces) has made it reconsider the plan on a security and political level."


Last Friday, a roadside bomb ripped through a UN convoy carrying Italian peacekeepers in southern Lebanon, wounding six of them.

It was further reported that Hezbollah has asked its Palestinian allies "to freeze preparations in light of recent security developments," asking an extension to coordinate security arrangements with the Lebanese army. However, the LAF is also under great pressure, the paper said.  

Hezbollah representatives asked 'Naksa Day' organizers a 48 hour extension to discuss the matter with the SLA. Meanwhile, UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) is reportedly pressuring the LAF to adhere to UN Resolution 1701 which stipulates that Palestinians are not allowed to go beyond the Litani River.


I'm trying to get the time frame down, are they requesting a 48 hour extention from Sunday?  That would put 'Naksa Day' into tuesday evening, Shavuot 2011.


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