Frank R Molver (29 June 2011)
"last days sexual assult on Christians"

Had a dream recently that reinforced what is obviously happening.
We have seen this happen with leaders of the past but now it seems to be headed for everyone.
It is an old political trick, I mean old, discredit someone in office or soon to be elected to defeat them.
This dream involved a older woman I know that is a very stron Christian, so the devil certainly is desperate.
I also am reminded that many years ago I had a dream of many Christians on a path being observed by non believers.
The christians were being enticed off the path by a sexual force.
First only a few left the path, then they started leaving in droves.
Seems to me this is happening because of, internet, video games, divorce and all.
It all starts with a thought you know, then the hormones take over.
Guard your thoughts.