Fay (3 June 2011)
"Kevin Heckle re Crop Circle"

Hi John and Doves,
Kevin - Thank you so much for taking time to indulge my curiosity. I was thrilled that you put so much time into it - even though you believe these crop formations are made by tin foil hat wearers bearing ropes and boards !!! Haha. I'd probably think the same way if I hadn't personally witnessed one of these strange 'lights' (that have been filmed making the crop formations) myself. Please see www.cropcirclereporter.com
There was much that you said that has got my brain buzzing. With your permission, I would like to submit your response to the Crop Circle experts. I will understand if you decline and your post will not go any further than the Doves website.
I was kind of disappointed as well. I honestly thought that this particular crop formation was depicting the 3 eclipses occurring in June/July.
Thank you for your time, Kevin. I'm glad you didn't consider it a waste and got some enjoyment out of the whole exercise. I will continue to post the formations on the Doves website and will hope and pray that you may see something of substance in the future. Honestly Kevin - if you really look into it - there is much more to this than meets the eye.
God Bless