Eliane B (27 June 2011)
"To Bruce Warner - Abomination of desolation x Temple"

Dear Bruce and Doves


In response to Bruce’s letter http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/june2011/brucew626-2.htm


The abomination of desolation could also be something related to the Ark of the Covenant, after (and if) it is found. This holy object (the most precious and holy object that was inside the Holy of Holies compartment in the Temple) might be found and desecrated.


Just consider: what was holier: the room (“The Holy of Holies”) or the object that made the room so holy, because it was God’s dwelling place on Earth? Or both?


I agree that a new temple will be built by the Jews, but the abomination of desolation itself might be some occurrence related to desecration of the Ark of the Covenant and not something necessary taking place inside a new temple.


So if the original Ark of The Covenant is found before a new temple is built, the desecration could take place without the existence of a temple or even outside its premises (even after it’s built). For example: suppose some agreement is made about Jerusalem and the Vatican takes control of the place where the Dome of the Rock is located. Suppose the Ark of the Convenant is found somewhere and then placed in an altar in some Catholic Church (could even be in Rome) or Muslim mosque, together with pagan images and pagan pratices. On top of that, suppose the Antichrist performs some blasphemous act inside that place.


That’s why I think that the premise that a new Temple must be built before the start of the 70th Week starts is not a requirement for the abomination of desolation to be fulfilled.


Blessings from YSIC,