Edwina (16 June 2011)
"To Jim Bramlett - Planet X THANKYOU!"

Dear Jim,
Just a note to say a huge thank you for your last post, your news really spoke to my spirit and I just know that I know you are correct. It seems that this important information has crystalized my own thoughts and journey with this end-time timing.
It is so huge and God Is so huge! Jesus is in complete control and I can now see how the spoken about last outpouring of the Holy Spirit/healings/salvations/miracles with 'Joels Army' as the world is shaking and perplexed by two moons, we Christians will be rejoicing that Jesus will scoop us up in the long awaited rapture - what a witness tool that will be!
Thanks again Jim, this kept me awake in the night, and you have been a great Watchman!!
God Bless you friend and see you soon in the heavenlies, sincerely edwina.