Edwina (10 June 2011)
"to Rowina re crop circles."

Dear Rowina,
Yes, it was you! thanks for replying....
I was worried for you thats all, because you say they are "marvellous, wonder, mystery, and not sure demonic".
As I said, I have done alot of reading and researching and I can honestly say without any doubt at all, they are demonic.
I realize that you may take some time to mull all this over and if you researched for yourself. I was just concerned that you may have been lulled into a false sense of security regarding this matter.
For instance, the second nodule on the stalk of whatever grass explodes and there are chemicals present, they happen very quickly and have an occultish presence that people go to and zone in and get a high and much more......too much to write here and I cannot recall all the details...it all quite some time ago that I went into it all.
I realize that as John Tng wisely warns, we all can't agree all the time etc. and to be circumspect, which I hope I am being. I was just genuinely troubled by your innocence in this matter and my conscience would not let me ignore your original letter since I knew the "Truth" of the matter, if you can understand that?
If you decide to ignore me that's your choice my sister, but please try to understand my coming out with such a brave statement in my headline was sure to either have you agree or disagree!
Be careful, and Peace be with you, edwina.