Ed C (29 June 2011)
"How About A God Is So Good Report?"

I'll make this as brief as possible.  Nonetheless, it will probably be long.
One thing to understand as it relates to my mama.  She is the most prayerful woman I know.  No conversation ever ends without Praise to Jesus and lots of sripture references, regardless of subject.  I have been pretty upset with God lately because mama isgoing through some medical stuff.  That's the background, here's what happened.
Mama is going in for surgery on her leg.  We were given a waiting room to sit in.  That would be me, mama, and my wife.   We walked in and Maury Povich was on the TV with all those people screeaming out all that nonsense they always scream.  The last thing we needed was that type of negatitvity entering our spirits.  Mama has never been in a hospital for surgery, so she has those natural misgivings trying to attack her as it is.  We step outside and wait in the hall.
Moments later, three people come out realizing that they too, were being influenced by that negativity. Three generations: Grandmother, mother, and grand daughter.  We get into a conversatio with them and it turns out the grandfather is a pastor at an area Assembly of God church.  He has been in a coma for 17 days.  My mama refuses to hear that report and begins immediately praying for the man whose first name is Bobby.  She tells Bobby he needs to wake up, prays, explains, prays, quotes, right there in the hallway.
We got the phone number and asked them to call us when (not if) Bobby wakes up.  That encounter happened on Monday June 20, 2011.  Today, June 28, 2011.  My wife calls.  Crying and excited.  Bobby has awakened, with no apparent brain damage whatsoever.
Glory to our God in the Highest.  Praises to Him.  And the blood of Jesus conquers sickness and disease once again.
Ed C