Dru (17 June 2011)
"To Little Servant and Ron Reese ..."

Dear Little Servant, Ron Reese and Doves,
Perhaps you noticed, Little Servant, that I posted your dream from RITA on Five Doves today, June 16! ...and I was equally amazed to see that you had posted the SAME dream today as well. I wrote Ron Reese, and so did you about your dream! Wow! That is NOT a coincidence!
Here it is:
So last night (June 15) I prayed that the LORD woulld show me an online account of where someone had a dream about Obama being the antichrist - and my prayer was in direct response to what you had written, Ron Reese ...
And then right after praying I entered a few specifics in the Google search engine, and your dream, Little Servant, was the one that immediately caught my attention on RITA! As soon as I read your dream, then I KNEW that I had to post it on FiveDoves for Ron and others to read and be blessed by!
IMO, this double posting of your dream is not a coincidence, but a confirmation that your dream is in fact from the LORD; especially since your wife had had the same dream as well! I've been married for nearly 24 years, and my husband and I have NEVER had the same dream. In fact, I wonder how many married couples can testify to such a remarkable event. Not many, I would guess.
Anyway, I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty to post your amazing dream from RITA here ...but I just knew that your dream was an answer to prayer, so I responded to what the LORD showed me. Thank you for sharing it on RITA and here, brother!