Donna Danna (4 June 2011)
"Godless Daycare Center To Leave God Out of Songs & Biblical Stories"

Quebec parents attack ‘godless’ daycare
Saying they do not want to send their children to daycares where Noah’s Ark is banished and traditional songs are censored to remove references to God, the group representing Jewish and Catholic parents is asking Quebec Superior Court to declare the new guidelines unconstitutional.
“According to this new doctrine, Noah’s Ark is something you couldn’t have in the classroom any more,” said Sandy Jesion, a plaintiff in the case whose daughter attends a subsidized Jewish daycare in Montreal. “The story about the flood is not a problem, but the fact that God spoke to Noah and told him to build the Ark is religious, and under the directive you can’t do that.”
As another example, she said Jewish children could be told the Biblical story of Moses being rescued from the Nile, but they could not hear a word about the 10 plagues inflicted on Egypt, central to the celebration of Passover. “We cannot have anything that mention miracles or acts of God,” Ms. Sabbah said.