Don Best (28 June 2011)
"Setting sun.... "

A couple nights ago I had a short dream that was, shall I say,

I live on the west coast of Oregon USA right on the edge of the beach, I've seen
many many sunsets in my past 67 years, so I'm familiar with what a sunset
should look like....
In my dream the light was beginning to fade like any normal sunset but instead
of the sun setting in the water to the West, like normal, the sun was just
peaking out over
the top of the hills TO THE EAST.  People around were acknowledging that it was
sunset time and they saw the sun setting to the east and they began to set off
small fireworks displays in celebration of the VERY FIRST TIME THIS HAS EVER
HAPPENED..... .  End of dream.

I've read many of the dreams that are posted on 5 doves and I've never had a
dream like most have posted.... except this time....  

I'm not saying it happened on the 4th of July which is a big celebration here in
this small coastal town with a massive display of fireworks on the beach but
people began to set off small fireworks displays.... to celebrate this first
time event.

This type of dream is very unusual for me to have.

Don Best