Dianne Talsma (9 June 2011)
"60 days not 10 days and is the second wheat harvest a Shavuot?"

Read with interest post on June 8.
Eliane B
Spring wheat is harvested in the SUMMER. Only winter or autumn wheat is harvested in the spring.
On which "Shauot" then did the Disciples receive Ruach HaKodesh and do both of these wheat harvests end with a feast called "Shavout"?
Yeshua was on earth for 40 days after His Resurrection and then told the Disciples to wait until they received The Spirit.  So the Disciples had to wait 60 days and not the 10 days from Ascension to (the first?) Shavuot? 
First Fruits in Nisan (first month) is not for barley but for wheat?
Is wine not 50 days after (the first?) Shavuot? 
Is oil not 14 weeks after (the first?) Shavuot?
And grape harvest doesn't end at Yom Kippur?
Dianne Talsma