Dennis Randall (16 June 2011)
"Super 8 or Super Bait?"

Spoiler Alert. Do read if you want to be surprised.

I played a bit of hooky today.

Took the kids to airport and sent them off to Camp Runamuka  aka Grandmas House.
Had several business calls and found myself with nothing to do for 4 hours
before some afternoon tasks.  

So, having no kids to deal with or manage today I went to a 1:30 PM showing of
this JJ Abrams/ Spielberg movie.

Overall, a good summer movie. However, this is not a film without dark social

I will not elaborate other than to say that this is a film about an alien that
has been held captive by the US military since the 50's.

That this dude will eat people but also can "connect,
"understand" and "communicate" with people through physical

This alien likes to live under ground and has a vastly superior intellect.

This alien looks and moves like some sort of demonic monster.  

This dude leaves earth by getting into a craft that looks like a demonic

I have to say that if you wanted to make a movie that would build a case for
underground space demons as simply being "misunderstood"--- this
would be it.

I hope this is just fantasy but, given all the things that are so closely
predicted by scripture, this just seems that it is either prophetic or
manipulative. Neither of which are good options given logical implications of
these options.

So, chalk up another to the "we need to understand our space brothers no
matter how ugly or violent they might seem to be at first" meme.  


D Randall