David Anderson (30 June 2011)

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I sent an email in the past with very negative and desperate tone. I have been under such strong attacks by the enemy and I lost it. There is a small group of true believers and I find my self getting so drained with the fake church. I know we wrestle against principalities and powers and I know the enemy will use as instruments of unrightousness when we slip. I got a call from a nigerian pastor who I supported in the past and I know he loves the Lord but he like so many christians think they are entitled to riches on this earth and its not Gods will for us to have riches. I asked him if he needed a tv and because it was not a flat screen top of the line it was beneath him to accept it even though he needed one. It drives me crazy!!! Anyways God is in control and I want to be a giver. I had brand new shirts that I had pressed that i gave him and he gave them all away stating he has no use for used clothes even though he was not aware that they were new. But I found my self full of rage and I sinned and I ask your forgiveness. We dont have much time left and I want no bitterness in my heart and I want to love as God has commanded us. My good friends sister goes to a church in Ct. and its a wealthy area and this lady gives a ton of money to this church but her pastor does not even teach or mention the book of revelation and she has no love. I almost married this girl and her sister encouraged her to find a man who makes alot of money and dont waste your time with someone who cant fly her around the world and live in a expensive home. Its all these things I hear from day to day and I lose my love it grows cold and thats not what being a christian is about. Not saying having money is bad I am blessed now and I want to check myself daily if not hourly. Please pray for me that God has His perfect will for my life and Im ready when the trumpet sounds. In Christ , David