Clay Cantrell (14 June 2011)
"153 fish and Assyria"


John 21:11 is the famous verse about the catch of the 153 fish.

153 = the 17th triangle #.

the 153rd triangle # = 11,781

according to the web site the 11,781st verse is

2 Chronicles 28:16

"At that time did king Ahaz send unto the kings of Assyria to help him."

notice it has to do with Assyria. I think Damascus is destroyed at the same time as the Resurrection/Rapture, and the 153 fish 'catch' out of the sea is the Resurrection/Rapture event.

the Resurrection (fish brought up from beneath the waves), the Rapture (fish pulled to shore, to the Lord). note also/catching a it looks like the Lord "shouts" to them. He has to since they are 'about' 200 cubits out from shore. this may match the Shout from 1 Thess 4:16-17.