Charles (26 June 2011)
"Confirmation in Hebrews"

In Hebrews 1 v:12 and as a vesture shalt thou fold them up and they shall be changed: -the Earth will tilt on it's axis in a pole shift and fall and not rise again. Hebrews 12: v26 whose voice shook the Earth: but now He hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the Earth only, but also Heaven.

Elenin coming one last time shaking the Heavens and Earth! Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved let us have grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and Godly fear!   

V 29 for our God is a consuming fire! (solar flare scorching of the Earth) Hebrews 1v 10 and the Heavens are the work of His hands.

God created the Heavens He knew the cycle like we know the second hand of our watch the walls of Jericho fell the Amorites were defeated by fire and brimstone from above and the Egyptians were plagued 3600 years ago by Gods handiwork in Heaven. The warning in the Feast of Trumpets ELEvin blasts of NINe then the final trump ELENIN then Judgement and rapture.

It's right in the word of God the masses do not know that their judgment is coming. The truth of this world is a lie. They are telling us a partial truth in all the movies the movie Melancholia a wedding the groom is late and the bride yells at him and a star is seen in the sky that is a planet to destroy the Earth. The movie Deep Impact, the tv series Heroes, the event, falling sky's, fantastic four rise of the silver surfer a wedding again and a planet to destroy the Earth and a false savior the silver surfer, Thundar the barbarian intro from 1980 a planet passing between the Earth and Sun destroying civilization, a not released movie called closure where the Earth is given three hours warning before a sun flare burns up all life! I could type for hours to give more Examples people will unite under a worldly savior after this event and take the mark and fight against Christ Battle LA, Independence Day, War of the Worlds Cruise says Jesus three times under his breath before the aliens attack the disintegrating 
Rays a false rapture to fear. Skyline - do not look up! How much more obvious does it have to be? All these examples are public view on YouTube! I cannot list them all. They are using entertainment to distract us from Jesus, to view the Wrath as a threat to humanity to fight against, and to fear the rapture and his return view as an invasion.

The comet Elenin is the arrow of God the wrath He warned us of. Everyone is to busy distracted self absorbed in this matrix of false reality to see the truth is coming that God commands all men to repent and worship Him. Men are preparing to run and hide in caves that did not work do well for the Amorites. The truth is most people have no clue that God is real and it was deadly serious to pay attention to and partake and walk in so great a salvation He prepared through the blood sacrifice offered by Jesus on the cross. Elenin is coming the rapture is coming the signs are in the Heavens and on Earth. Seek refuge in the Lords salvation turn from walking in the vanity of your minds according to this worlds wisdom that says we will continue on as we always have. Seek refuge in the Lord a cave will not save you and know He told us He would do this until Elenin we did not know how. Test the spirits on this time is short the rapture will be on The Feast of Trumpets the signs are in the Heavens and on Earth. The warnings are in the bible to the few that find the narrow road take it. For the wide path of willful ignorance leads to destruction.