Charles (13 June 2011)
"A Message From The Lord Who is a Wise Son"

To all the Doves who are watching and praying. I recently had to come out from among my church the UM Blaze published an article Now is the Time For Palestine! I emailed my local church my biblical stand on Genesis 12:3 and got well you have to take the good with the bad. Really what happened to a little leaven spoils the whole lump. No one gets it or even sees why its important. I think we all do here. The hardest thing to witness is the truth of the season we are in. Jesus chided the Pharisees for being able to discern the weather but not the time He was coming. The modern denominational church cannot see themselves the season we are in today, do not talk about it, most Christians professing do not even have a clue why they are supposed to be watching and praying for the Lord to come back.
Here is why because Jesus commanded us to watch! Because the bible says "but you my brethren are to watch and pray that you may be counted worthy to escape the wrath to come." it says if we walk in the light we are not in darkness and will not be surprised by His Coming! We will not be ashamed. Most attending church today do not even recognize there is a wrath to come so in a nutshell we have a general condition of Christian churches not knowing why supporting Israel is important, why they are to watch, that are not aware of the verse stating that when the bones come back on the flesh the generation that sees Israel reborn shall see it all. They profess Jesus sing songs to Him and are comfortable in corporate regulated worship in the vain traditions of men and cannot discern the signs. I walked today among people in a popular tourist destination and saw the harvest was ripe but in all in the crowd I saw that people that no one had a clue. I could see that the truth is this life is the great delusion fooling if possible the very elect that what we see hear and feel is real and the Lord and what he said is coming is not. We are ok with Jesus saving us when we die as long as we get to live out life. And that’s the attitude of Christians the rest of the world does not even have a clue as to the importance of the Truth that Jesus is the way the truth and the life the only hope we all have.
I am not speaking against any brother who believes in Jesus and seeks to walk in the light. I am speaking against this world and everything in it and the corporate experience religion has become just another activity that keeps us from ever coming to a knowledge of the truth. Jesus said behold my people perish for lack of knowledge. True wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit. To those watching and waiting and praying for salvation from the Lord and asking for wisdom he provides in abundance. There just seem to be so few. And so many when a seed of truth is planted its taken away by the worlds distractions. That’s why we must watch and here is what he has shown me.
First: Proverbs Chapter 10 Verse 5 "He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame." There is a profound message here that ties in to all of your other witnesses. The Lord showed me today the harvest is ripe now is the time to cultivate the wheat before the chaff is on the threshing floor. He has shown me there are few aware of how close he is to coming back and working in the field to warn others to flee the wrath to come. The mainstream church and most professing Christians are asleep at the wheel and they have lost their salt and are hiding their light under a cover. (Political Correctness)
The Lord is pointing to a summer gathering of wheat and a fall rapture after the harvest is full. The signs are all there in abundance for anyone watching its just that so few can escape the trap of the illusion of this life going on and of all its cares enough to see and hear and stand in the truth. The truth is that What happened in Noah's time will happen again. The timing of the battle in Joshua Chapter 10 where the Amorites have hailstones and fire rain down upon them and the kings hide in caves is the same event in future described in Ezekiel 38 the why of Gog's defeat which is the Sixth and Seventh Seal Judgments in Revelations.
What was is again. As it was in the times of Noah people where eating and drinking and marrying buying and selling until the day Noah entered the ark and then sudden destruction. It says in the bible people are willfully ignorant that things will always continue on as they have been forgetting Noah and how the world perished. The Comet Elenin coming in causing thee days of Darkness is the sign of Jonah. The only warning a wicked and rebellious generation will receive. its coming is the same instrument by which God slew the Amorites and caused plagues upon the Egyptians. its coming every other time is much worse and Noah's flood makes this the every other time. The sign of the Sun at the head of the woman the moon at her feet and Venus in her bosom is Jesus coming the bright and morning star on Rosh Hosanna September 29th to rapture those who have come out from among the unequal yoking with unbelievers those not touching the unclean thing watching and praying that they may be counted worthy to escape the wrath to come.
On October 17th we will pass through the comets tail (its not a comet) and this will be when Gog Magog is occurring around October 17th after the end Of September Declaration by the UN of a Palestinian State, the Rapture after three days of darkness and a worldwide earthquake. Like all of you I have been seeing 11's everywhere. A manufacturer has made its password for all its devices 1111. Before it was 111111. Another had a new product version out 3/11 the version two months before the Japan quake. All the new shows the Event, I watched the Icarly special and they had an acting skit about a comet coming in wiping everyone out, the new movie Melancholia, the old movie Deep Impact. I could go on all the new music videos too profane to mention. Many say the PTB are subliminally conditioning people for what is coming without telling them. It also serves for when any come to witness the signs they are seeing to tell people to flee to Jesus to call on the name of the Lord that the signs are false because we have seen too many movies or oh did you see that on the Internet it must be false. CNN faked the 91 Gulf War Reports but well that’s hearsay. The issue is they that know the truth are preparing well caves. The fact is the only Hope anyone has is to be heard calling upon the name of The Lord while he is to be found and as humble sinners wash themselves in the Lambs Blood to tie the Scarlet ribbon around their household and be saved.
But it’s the last thing most will do because they are not watching and praying and seeing the signs. They see no reason to flee. Because they are not being told by the Pharisees of the day willfully ignorant of the fact that the generation that sees Israel become a nation is the last one. The Lord will say you should of known I told you in my word. The answer well our pastors did not tell us is not going to be an acceptable response. by the way the 11's are warning of Wormwood or Yu55 a 1,500 meter asteroid following Elenin. The warnings are there by the Lord and the little clues all over by the PTB. The harvest is now yet few are seeing this summer is the last time to bring the crop in then time runs out. And witnessing is impossible after the false rapture campaign. And that’s what it was to dupe people so that when the real signs appear no one will listen. Guys the evidence is irrefutable and it matches scripture what was is come again. The only rapture time not a day or hour but a season is Rosh Hosanna in fact the Jewish feast where no man knows the day or the hour. Daniels sealed books were found in a cave in Jordon and were unsealed. One shows a tree with a tenth planet solar system. The time of the end is near at hand, there is no way out except up, and no one is watching waiting hearing or listening. Just like the days of Noah. Jesus asked if He would find faith on the Earth when he comes. We have all been conditioned into walking in moral relativity and against having absolute certainty in anything.  
Guys we are all right all the pieces are the same puzzle, the elevens, Elenin, Rosh Hosanna, if it walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck and looks like a Duck it’s a Duck. Oh lets not forget Charlie Sheens Tattoo Death From Above. For those immune to all the scriptural proof maybe that will wake them up. Seriously, the Lord showed me how the harvest is ripe, how the workers are few, and how Joshua 10 and Ezekiel 38 are the same cause past and near future event. As a humble watchman I can only witness what I see and suggest we all get on our knees to Jesus and call upon the name of the Lord to be saved. To set our sights upon heavenly things for the Earthly things will be burned up. I cannot express the profound sense of frustration I feel Lot would say sorely vexed every day trying to warn people and getting a polite glazed stare before the subject is changed. To being called a bible thumper for suggesting a teenage relative not casually take the Lord's name in vain knowing fearfully the Judgment coming. For seeing atheists and non Christians coming to see what is coming on the internet but not knowing the why and for knowing the world wants again a political savior and mostly believes they came from apes or aliens before they will believe they are made in the image of their Almighty God and of divine worth. I see that the church as a whole is asleep and willfully ignorant they are the last generation. I understand my brothers I want in the flesh to believe everything is ok, that I will be able to dwell carelessly in the Isles. But in the spirit I am being warned and see the signs and know the end is near. We have all the pieces to the puzzle most of this has been posted in bits before I am not bringing new information just what the Lord has shown me about the harvest and how it all ties together. The only thing worse then knowing is not. its great to be ignorant and bliss right now but shortly that will be a fatal physical error and hopefully not also a spiritual eternal one. I pray in Jesus name for the protection of Psalm 91 on all who heed this warning and call on the name of the Lord and seek to be saved from the wrath to come. Every day I wake up in a world that does not know its going away and will not be told it is, one I must continue to walk in but am told to not follow in its course. What a blessing and perverse suffering at the same time it is to know the season we are in. I hope that the Lord will see I am trying to be a wise son with this humble post. Ron Jim to all the real watchers it’s the fall we have the summer to harvest may some more be saved.