Candace (29 June 2011)
"Re: Emergency food supply"

Jim Bakkers emergency food is less then other stores like sams. He predicted a 9.0+ earthquake coming a week before it happened in japan after that people started buying up his food. He says we are waiting now for the 6th seal to be open which is very close to where Dr. Owuor says we are. Urgent message 2009 from David Wilkerson he said put up food. ChooThomas says the rapture is closer than we think I think its because we are further than we think. Two months before she said the trib started even JR Church questioned on his website when the rapture didn't happen rosh hashanah 2008 quote "the rapture didn't happen but has the tribulation started I DON'T KNOW"  I was upset of course like everyone else the rapture  didn't happen but when he said that the question for the first time entered my mind.He never said anything like that again but two months later Choo Thomas confirms it then Ron Reese and from there the list goes on.Remember John Paul Jackson said he saw in a vision that during the perfect storm God put food on the table for a family that didn't have any we need to prepare but if you can't God will provide! Candace