Candace (27 June 2011)
"Very important dream"

I just read the little girls dream from jim bramlett  about JULY and the
MOONS!!! I am so shocked two weeks ago I had a dream I looked up in the night
sky and there were several moons! Then it went black all of a sudden fireworks
started lighting up and it lit up two moons in the sky that were huge bigger
than the first several I saw they were touching and (this sounds very bizarre
but on the right one was a butterfly fossil) my eye went right to it anyways I
have no clue what it means. I have search my computer for two whole weeks
trying to figure out anything about more moons and couldn't  find what it had
to do with the endtimes then after I gave up I found this. I told my mother two
weeks ago something has to do with many moons and july and when I read she said
july I was astounded(I don't know anything about nibiru I will check it out
though)but I am in shock but still don't understand it WOW I wonder if its this
july or next. Candace