Amanda (17 June 2011)
"For: Chad"


I got your email and thought it quite coincidental with my posting I already
sent on how I am doing.  So if you read that one you will see that yes I'm
feeling disappointed but still hanging on!   When I asked the Lord in March of
2010 if the year of the rapture would be in 2010 or 2011, He answered with
"11".  So I'm assuming that means 2011!  

Thanks for the birthday wishes...and I plan by next Tuesday, June 21 to be
raptured or something big to happen.  He has been hinting and even I saw a
vision of the #21.  He is the one to say "spring" for the rapture
timing.  So next Tuesday is the first day of we will see.  So ready
as I'm sure you feel too!

Thanks for trying to reach me and lift my spirits,