Alex (1 June 2011)
"BG Ellis  The Rapture Fall 2011"


Thought I'd mention a couple of things about the page by BG Ellis.  First, nice page.  Second, Mark Blitz is actually Biltz, as in ilt and not lit.  That might help others in internet searches.  Second, I noticed on Pastor Mark's Eclipse video that he figured the time of the end of the 69th week and went back 7 years.  He should consider that the start of the 70th week and not the end of it.  Pastor Mark went to the beginning of the 69th week instead of starting in 2015 as the beginning of the 70th week.  Is this right?

Has anyone watched David Eells work at or Unleavened Bread Ministries?  He has a good explanation on how "Those Days" and "That Day" are different.  Matthew 24, ...after those days, and Acts 2:20 ...Before the day of the Lord.  He also does a great job describing the corporate nature of antichrist, the harlot, the son of perdition, etc.