1 Cor 10:31 (17 June 2011)
"demons acting up?"

Dear Saints ~ I am asking for urgent prayer covering for PROTECTION for me & my family .... must have stirred up a hornet's nest of demons here recently!!  I realize this is a battle we must fight in the Spiritual realm ~ but even so, I pray for physical protection, too..... to completely surround & protect us.
A man, who I believe to be demonized, keeps driving by our house & staring right directly at me [even when my husband is home, this guy is not phased.... yikes...]  ~ obviously he's not "all there" ..... or maybe he is & knows EXACTLY what he is doing!  I just pray it doesn't go any further than that.  I also pray in Jesus' name that this guy will be DISTRACTED by whatever means necessary to prevent him from acting on what may be going thru' his mind.
He first showed up yesterday ~ (someone I'd not seen before)... as a new "helper" to our usual lawn care guy.  Right from the get-go, I had bad feelings (vibes) about him.
Thank you very much!  Always pray for yourselves, too, and let's also be careful to pray for each other; and to bind satan from bringing harm to us in these last minutes of the church age.
I SOO pray the rapture is soon!!  What a mega blessing it will be to walk and journey all over heaven and never have to look over our backs ever again!!
Thank you.