Luis Vega (2 July 2023)
"3 GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSES 2017-2024 - Alef-Tav 6.66 Year Countdown"




Markings of a National Division and Judgment

by Luis B. Vega  


The purpose of this illustration is to Depict the 2 Great American Solar Eclipses, that of the August 21, 2017 and the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipses that have Divided the Continental USA. The Omens of a Solar Eclipse are of National Judgment and Division, based on Ancient Correspondences. What the Depiction adds is how the additional Solar Eclipse, of an Annular Type occurs on October 14, 2023. This Trifecta of Solar Eclipses construes an ‘Alef’ Letter Motif.

The Alef is the 1st Letter in the Paleo and Modern Hebrew Alphabet. It speaks of a Beginning in which all other things are derived from. What one would or could Insinuate is that perhaps, the End of a ’Begin’ that was the USA has been Marked to End.  And an End to what? The Church Age that has characterized the last Stages of the body of Christ on Earth, as a Dichotomy between those of the Philadelphia and Laodicea Types.  


The Beginning and the end
of USA’s Period of Grace before National Judgment


Sign of the Rapture - 7 Year Countdown
1 Sabbath Cycle of Time 


Revelation 12 Sign
September 23, 2017
To April 8, 2024
= 2389 Days
= 6 Years, 6 Months, 16 Days


Little Egypt - ‘USA’
At the ‘End’ of the 6.66 Year Call to National Repentance, the USA instead, like Pharoah of Ancient Egypt has hardened its Heart. The USA, like the Egypt of Moses’ Day will be Destroyed by 10 Plagues. But a Great Exodus will be Accomplished. Perhaps that Year, 2024, might even see the Exodus of the Bride of Christ, as in the Rapture. 



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