John B (30 July 2017)
"Amazing events to happen in the next several weeks?"


When one takes into consideration the vast assortment of related end time bible passages.......... a picture or view of the near future events seemingly takes least for me.

I have (in several recent posts) written and posted to Doves on what I believe as per scripture are some of the soon upcoming scenarios. That said, I won't go into any lengthy detail as I did in those posts but will simply list for you what I see as the biblical road map of the next several weeks to come.

I don't pretend to be a prophet or one who has heard directly from the Lord but just a watcher like many of you. A watcher who has spent untold hours studying end times prophecy. For whatever it may be worth, here is what I have discerned to happen in the next few weeks. Take from it what you will but know that all of it is scripture based or inspired and not fiction. Some of the timing or time frames that I will inject are mine and some are directly from scripture. Time will also soon tell if my discernment is anywhere near accurate.

Here is the list of events / happenings that I believe are soon to occur..........If nothing else the list will make for a good read and an exciting story line.


1—A celestial object (one of seven) will appear in the sky and encroach on our sun before the 23 September Revelation 12 date. This encroachment will completely block the suns light from reaching earth and cause worldwide darkness. This blockage / darkness will last for several days. The sun will appear black as sackcloth of hair and the moon will appear red colored. A worldwide earthquake will also occur during this event and the stars (Satanic angels) from heaven will fall to earth having been displaced from their heavenly abodes. A war between God's forces led by Michael and the Red Dragon's (Satan's) forces may be witnessed in the heavens above. Michael and God's forces prevail in this battle and Satan's forces retreat.

All normal aspects of the world's society (transportation,etc.) will be suspended during this light less time frame and grind to a stop.

2—After several days of world wide darkness Jesus will appear in the skies above to cast off this darkness. He and His brightness will appear in the clouds above to fulfill His titles as....The Sun of Righteousness and The Light of the World. His physical appearance to those witnessing this event will be as is described in Revelation 1:12-16. An extremely loud trumpet blast will signal His arrival.

3—Jesus will then beckon for the birth / departure of His church (which is not the birth spoken of under the great Revelation 12 sign in verses 1 and 2 but is the birth spoken of in verses 3-5.) This birth of the male child (the body of Christ, His Church, His offspring) as per Isaiah 66:7 is to be without labor and without labor pain. Revelation 12:4 states that Satan will try to devour the Church or interfere during the rapture process but fails. Jesus at that appropriate time will signal the all clear for our departure. He will do this with voice of the arc angel which will sound like a extremely loud trumpet blast. Then, the dead and the alive in Christ will be removed from this earth to meet Him in the clouds above where they will be taken to a place of safety for the duration of the seven year tribulation period.

4—The chaos and confusion that this rapture event will cause will provide the perfect opportunity Israel's enemies have waited for and Israel will be attacked in September by overwhelming forces. As per the Jewish boy Nathan's prophecy the Israeli defense forces will only hold back the forces of this evil for a few days until they are completely over run. I believe the bible says that at this time two thirds of the Jewish state's population will die.

5—As per Deuteronomy 32, it appears to indicate that God allows this slaughter, that He will judge His people and won't have compassion on them.....until He sees their power is gone. Then before Israel and Jerusalem are completely destroyed God as per Ezekiel, Zechariah and other scriptures steps full force into the fight to rescue the remnant of the country and His people. What he does to the forces aligned against Israel in Ezekiel 38 and 39 is epic as He destroys five sixths of the enemy forces. He also as per Zechariah 14 steps His foot on the Mount of Olives causing the mountain to be split in two from east to west creating a very large valley with half of the mountain moving to the north and half moving to the south. He creates a new valley of safety, of refuge, for the remnant of Jews who have escaped the onslaught. Nathan the Jewish teen also mentioned this happening. It appears this valley will be very large and include half of Jerusalem and be a safe refuge for the Jews for 1260 days where they will be fed and protected. Revelation 12:6

6—What I haven't addressed yet is the birth that does take place on 23 September, the birth that is accompanied by labor and great labor pain as per Revelation 12:2. Who is it or what gets birthed that day under the great Revelation 12 sign in the heavens under extreme labor or painful conditions? To me the answer to this is easy and should be for anyone who reads the bible literally. Who gets birthed that day is fully and exactly described in Ezekiel 37 as.......the whole house of Israel (Jacob).........meaning the re-birth or resurrection of all of the descendants of Jacob from his time until the present.......hundreds of millions of people will be resurrected (re-birthed) as per Ezekiel 37 under and during the Revelation 12 sign. Keeping in mind that this sign and date points to the Jews exclusively not the Gentiles.

12 stars in the crown of the Revelation 12 sign representing the 12 sons and the 12 tribes of Jacob.

Ezekiel 37 is no fairy tale, it's all addressed and described in great and wonderful detail....only to be discounted by many who claim to be bible scholars.

This birth event as per Revelation 12:1-2 happens while accompanied by great labor pain. I believe this to be so because the present Jewish state and it's people will be under attack and will be almost eradicated as per Zechariah.

Isaiah references this birth event by stating.....”Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion was in labor, (23 September) She gave birth to her children.” ALL HER CHILDREN

7-- Does the bible say anything about the ramifications or assorted peculiar aspects of this huge re-birth or resurrection of basically the whole Jewish race? Yes, it says among many other things that these people 's bones come together, bone to bone, and then sinews and flesh come upon the bones and skin covered them over......but there was no breath in them. They were physically restored but the breath of life was held back from them. The bible says in Ezekiel 37 that the breath that restores consciousness to these people comes from “the four winds” (verse 9) and that God the Father will also put His spirit into these people so they may live again. (Verses 13-14).

In Revelation 7 it appears that “the living God” (Jesus) wants the first fruits of this great Jewish resurrection for Himself as we see an angel seal 144,000 from this massive resurrected group on their foreheads (for Jesus). Of the 144 thousand there are 12 thousand from all of the twelve tribes of Israel and they will become Jesus's personal entourage because in Revelation 14 it states that this group of 144 thousand “follow the Lamb where ever he goes.

I can only assume that the two end time witnesses will also appear out of this great Jacob lineage resurrection / re-birth to start their 3.5 year ministries. These ministries appear to start on the same day as the 7 year tribulation /wrath period begins.......23 September perhaps?

And another very important aspect of the Ezekiel 37 re-birth / resurrection is that God uses a huge number of these resurrected people to form His end time army. (Ezekiel 37:10) God refers to this army there in verse 10 as “an exceedingly great army”.

This army appears and is also described in many other areas of scripture and is used to administer some of God's end time wrath. If one follows the trail, the breadcrumbs God leaves in scripture it appears that this army is brought back from the grave but the breath of life is not at that time restored to them. As per scripture this breath of life comes from the “four winds” and these four winds are supervised or overseen by four angels. (Ezekiel 37, Revelation 7)

When God's timing is correct, He gives the order, and the four angels that have been tasked to oversee and hold back the four winds from blowing life back into this exceedingly great army (Revelation 7) are allowed to accomplish their mission by releasing the four winds.

In what location are these angels stationed or located when they accomplish this mission and where is this stated in scripture? In Revelation 9:14 we see these four angels at the river Euphrates where they have been tasked by God to oversee a huge endeavor. This mission, this endeavor, has been rehearsed down to the year, month, day and hour. And what is this mission? For these four angels to release the four winds allowing life to be blown back into this exceedingly great army at the river Euphrates so that this army can start it's mission to dispense some of God's end time wrath on the earth.

We learn there in Revelation 9:16 why God called it an exceedingly great army in Ezekiel 37:10 for it constitutes 200 million resurrected spirit beings and this army is tasked to kill one third of the earth's population or at least 2 billion plus people. Read Joel 2 or the rest of Revelation 9 to get a feeling for the ferocity and horror of this army and the way it conducts itself. There are also many other areas of scripture that describe the exploits of this massive force as they ride their fire breathing horses that can also fly across the earth to dispense God's wrath. Unbelievable horror on an unbelievable scale.

How long will it take this spirit filled army that needs no food, sleep, provisions or support to accomplish God's task? Don't know...... but it appears that the Jews will be protected and fed in the newly created valley in Israel for 1260 days until “the coast is clear” so to speak. Is that the duration of the ride? Don't know

The timing aspects of all this seems logical to me. If as per Revelation 13 the Antichrist spends the first 42 months or 1260 days being Mr. Nice Guy outwardly but is aligning all the evil behind the scenes ….....which will be the same 1260 day time frame as the ministry of the two witnesses and the same time period that the Jews are protected in their new valley.

Then, at this 42 month mark, as per Revelation 13 all hell breaks loose literally as this beast, the Antichrist, changes from Mr. Nice Guy to a demonic monster by announcing himself to be the one true God of the universe and demanding to be treated as such. He cancels all sacrifices and offerings by all religions to their gods worldwide and demands that all worship be directed to him. He then erects a talking statue in the newly erected temple in Jerusalem and demands it be worshiped. A mark on a persons hand or forehead will be established showing one's allegiance to the beast, without it nothing can be bought or sold and those without it will be persecuted or killed.

The people will surely doubt all his grand proclamations and protest........ but to prove to these masses that he is who he says he is, he is allowed by God to kill the two witnesses who to this point could not be harmed by anyone on earth. The people seeing the beasts' power to kill the two witnesses and his demonstrations of other great demonic powers will convince them that he is who he says he is.

Well, I have gone much farther than the next several weeks so I need to end this look into the future as I see it, as per my discernment of God's holy words.

So as the apostle Mark has instructed us....keep looking up because it appears many amazing and also very concerning happenings may be in our skies above soon. One of them, the most important one, our Lord and Savior to take us home.

Blessings Doves........John B