James Brownlow (23 July 2017)
"John : Some questions ? The Breastplate"


Brother John :

I have an idea that there is much more hidden in the breastplate.

The Lord said the "stones would cry out"... What stones are more important and prominent than those engraved and displayed upon the chest of the High Priest ?

 Also, the fact that there are exactly 1850 "red" verses in the New Testament , the number of verses of the Lord's words , and that number is "doubled", found twice on the breastplate as noted first by Vernon Jenkins. I think I was the first to note that 1850 was the Lord's verse count ; thanks to Jenkins , that number stuck in my head.  Things doubled are always significant...

Thirdly, the stones are just as detailed by name and position, exactly like the names. The stones are tied to each name. There must be a design here, just as the names are designed. I am thinking that if you add the word value of those 1850 verses or the word count , that they will connect to the gematria of the stones combined and added to the associated names.

This would require some work. More easily done if split up with several individuals doing different sections of the 1850 verses. If you  have any ideas or thoughts on the subject I would like to hear them.

 I tried to call Kevin Heckle ( I talked to him briefly 10 years ago) , but his number is disconnected.  Vernon Jenkins email does not work either.

You are in our prayers ! God Bless.

Thanks, brother!