Fay (30 July 2017)
"The Prayers of a Righteous Person"

Reading this wonderful article, penned by the late, great Jack Kelley, made me so very happy. It was like applying soothing cream to sunburnt skin. Gulping back pure, cold water on a sweltering hot day. Biting into a delicious, juicy, pink blushed, plump peach. And it's so true, too. Whenever I pray, I picture our Father God seated on His throne with me on my knees before Him. I never have to queue to see Him. I am ushered right in. Immediately - no delay. Because, I am covered by the sacrificial blood of His Son. I have been made righteous !!!! Isn't that just the BEST?  The moment I have acknowledged this enormous miracle, is the moment I feel free to worship Almighty God and petition Him with my problems. Knowing that He looks upon me with pure love. It's rather wonderfully overwhelming. Such a privilege.

The Prayers of a Righteous Person Grace thru faith