Fay (30 July 2017)
"Sick to Death of the Lies"

Hi John and Doves,

A short 7 minute video which I recommend you watch. A sophisticated re enactment (animated) of 9/11 and the events and cover up's that followed. This clip was uploaded to you tube on July 26th by the very talented chap from High Impact Flix.  I am hopping, spitting furious at how stupid the powers that be, think we are. It also drives home just how EVIL our governments are. Seriously evil. Motivated by money and power. We, the people (useless eaters, cattle etc.) are supposed to swallow the official line or face the consequences. They, the PTB (powers that be) have gone from lazily trying to hoodwink us stupids to blatantly threatening us with "the law" if we dare to disagree with their blatant idiocy. Take the latest info I posted re Katy Hopkins on the people trafficking in Sicily. Her article (with proof and photographs) was pulled and she was vilified by the majority of newspapers (UK) directly afterwards. Her character attacked vociferously. 

We live in very weird and perilous times, fellow Doves. Nothing makes sense anymore. I rely on the scripture that tells us that we should not let our hearts be troubled by all this drivel. By the way -  9/11 this year is 10 days to September 21st (Feast of Trumpets - United Nations day of Peace and Safety) and 12 days from the September 23rd Revelation 12 sign. I don't know why that may be important - just pointing it out.

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