Fay (23 July 2017)
"Steve Mullin - Measuring the Temple"

Hi Steve,

Your post from last week:  Times of the Gentiles Being fulfilled and the Rapture

After watching Natan's prophecy and hearing Caroline's testimony, here is my two cents worth. I believe the temple will descend from Heaven, as these two Jewish prophets foresaw. The scripture from Revelation 11: 1 - 2 says "Measure the temple". It doesn't say "build it". Revelation 11:19 tells us that God's Temple in Heaven was opened and within it was seen the Ark of the Covenant. The Temple is currently in Heaven and will descend when the time is right. It will descend onto the very place that had been measured, on earth. As per Revelation 11:19, earth will see flashes of lightening, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a severe hailstorm. This all signals that the times of the gentiles has come to an end. Now, Almighty God will concentrate on Israel, her foes and the unbelieving world.

I am SO glad you brought this up. It seems to tell us that we should be gone BEFORE the Revelation 12 sign........... because the times of the gentiles is complete. Revelation 11:18 tells us that now His wrath has come. It is time for judging the dead, and for rewarding His servants, the prophets, and His people who revere His Name - both great and small. And the time has come for destroying those who destroy the earth. Then in Revelation 11:19 the Temple is opened........ which could mean that the Temple is opened for the dead in Christ AND the raptured church.


Bible Gateway passage: Revelation 11 - New International Version