Fay (23 July 2017)
"The Dragon of Revelation 12"

I found this video clip fascinating. I recommend watching it from the beginning and brace yourselves at the 6 minute mark for some amazing information. This Nibiru system is real. The science behind it and what will happen when it makes it's appearance. Tying right in with the dragon stuff in scripture. The brief interview is with a gentleman who was a young man in the 1950's. He and his colleagues have been following this system for years. The Hubble image of Nibiru appeared on the cover of the magazine "Young Scientist" about 67 years ago. The interviewee was so distraught, he ran to tell his family and friends and show them the picture. That article said that when this system appeared in our system, the tsunami waves created would be about 3 miles high. Created from the falling debris crashing to earth from this system. Honestly - it sounds snap to the description in Revelation re a third part of the stars being cast down. Uncanny.

Revelation 12 Hidden Meaning