Fay (23 July 2017)
"Sinister News - Katy Hopkins"

This is something else !! Katy Hopkins on a fact finding mission re the people traffickers in Sicily. Reading the article, I learned that the Pope is the one in charge here. No kidding. All orders come directly from Rome. Katy cracked a joke with one authority, asking if the Pope is actually senior enough to okay all this. My, how they chuckled! I am struggling to see the purpose of all this and why the Pope is so demented to have these uneducated migrants pouring into Europe. The only thing I can think of is that uneducated people are more easily influenced and controlled and will do anything for money. These poor saps will be coerced into obeying the Roman Catholic dictates. It's quite probably, the Popes new army we see forming here. When the ordinary people of Europe kick off against the eventual new world order, and one world religion - this army will come in real handy. The migrants will be kept financially beholden to the authorities.... thereby, cementing their loyalties. This Islamic army will be the strength behind controlling the people - putting the fear into them.

In previous years, I would have scoffed at the above - calling it "conspiracy theory". Now - I'm open to anyone else giving their take on what exactly is going on here. Because it sure isn't sane.

Katie Hopkins investigates NGOs colluding with traffickers in Sicily