Douglas Henney (23 July 2017)
"Additional thoughts on possibilities"

Another possible clue from scripture as to a rapture event taking place on a Pentecost is something Paul does during his third missionary journey recorded in Acts.

I understand Paul as being about one main mission, spreading the good news of Jesus to the gentiles.  He was/is the one apostle assigned specifically to do this.  He felt the weight of this.  He did it wholeheartedly due to the grace of God.

However, I observe Paul make a shift away from this in Acts 20.  About half way in his trip he decides to hurry back to Jerusalem.  He even chooses to not go out of his way to meet with folks in Ephesus.  Instead, he asks them to travel and meet with him, and the meeting is not for a long time.

He explains why in verse 16.  He was hurrying to be in Jerusalem, if possible, by the day of Pentecost.  Why?

I wonder if Paul was dealing with something that we also deal with.  He did not know when Jesus would return but was anticipating it.  With his knowledge of the scriptures, perhaps he saw Pentecost that year as a very strong possibility.

But why be at Jerusalem for it if that was what he was thinking.  I think there may be a clue in Romans 15:16 in terms of how Paul saw his role before the Lord Jesus, and within the body of Christ.

He expresses in that verse how he sees himself in the role of a priest whose offering before God was the gentiles.

Might Paul have thought that when Jesus came in the clouds for the body of Christ, that He would be above the Jerusalem area, like when He ascended in the first chapter of Acts, and Paul wanted to be present as a priest offering up the wave "loaves" of the gentiles at that time?

This is speculation on my part for something that may be another clue as to the timing of our rescue by the Bridegroom.


Douglas Henney