David W (23 July 2017)
"Can a church evolve?"

Can a church evolve?

Was told by a pastor that churches evolve to match the changes in society. What used to be sin is now good.

Personally I think that God did not want us to change His commandments or values.

What was sin 2000 years ago is still sin in God’s eyes. It is very odd what some churches now accept and promote. The sins of church people now match the sins of the people of the world.

These evolve changes show up in many areas of church life.

The tithe in old Testament was only on agriculture products and was paid in kind; if you grew wheat, you gave wheat as a tithe. Mary, Joseph, Jesus, His 12 followers, and Paul paid no tithes since they did not produce any agriculture products. In the church today, we have a new evolved type of tithe......tithe on money, something never seen in the Bible. I was told this must be to pay for the pastor and building. Sort of funny that the tithe is the only law that made it into the church! Out of 613 laws, only the tithe made into the church!

Changing  the Bible to fit what we want is not what God wanted. Making what was sin in the church 50 years ago now promoted and accepted as good is not evolving, it is changing the Bible’s core values to match the world’s values. Don’t think that God is pleased about this.