Bob Anderson (23 July 2017)
"FAY: Unbelievable Teaching"

Hi Fay,

Iím 99% certain this is SDA. I havenít gone through my usual uncloaking procedure ó it takes too long. The tribal analysis of the Goths et al is a sure giveaway. His subsequent tapes will introduce: 1798 followed by ó Has God cancelled the Sabbath? -- followed be a rapture denial, culminating in a healthy living through healthy eating finale. At no point will the SDA affiliation be made public. That requires sometime hours of creative GOOGLING. The SDA occultic connection is via  the Russell Trust which is linked to Skull and Bones.



Fay (16 July 2017)
"Unbelievable Teaching"

I pray you find the time to watch this. Never mind all the pedophilia and financial scandal surrounding the RC church - this information will blow your socks off.  All written into the RC's own rules and canons, for goodness sake. If the world really knew what the RC church is - THE arm of Satan - there would be riots. I know the video clip is a bit long but I highly recommend you watch this man plough through the 21 pointers as to who they are. How they changed times and laws. Changed the 10 commandments (leaving out the 2nd commandment about not bowing down to graven images and splitting the 10th commandment in half to make up for the missing one). The laws they enacted to ensure that the Pope is not only the "vicar of Christ" but that he IS Christ - veiled in the flesh. I could go on and on but it's best you watch the video. This is a VERY important teaching which you leave you in no doubt as to who is the Anti Christ. By the way "Anti" means in place of or a substitute for.

Final Warning 100 Percent Proof Pope Francis Is Antichrist 666 Mark of the Beast